Fellow Carman Bay residents,

Summer appears to have finally arrived and I hope everyone is out enjoying our beautiful bay when they can. The no-wake ban has put a damper on recreational activities, but many people appreciate the serenity we now experience. Behind the scenes we have been negotiating with the DNR & PLM over what treatment would be needed this season. The fall survey showed that we would probably would not need a whole bay treatment again this year.

The milfoil is way behind schedule due to our high water levels this season. Professional Lake management (PLM) conducted the spring survey last week for Milfoil and we are planning a spot treatment in a few designated problem areas. We should have enough funds left over from last year to cover any spot treatment. We also can get a grant from the DNR if needed.

As for the curly leaf pondweed, PLM would like to skip treatment this year so as to do a thorough mapping of where the curly leaf is a actually occurring and do a targeted treatment next year. This will allow us a more accurate treatment of curly leaf going forward.

So it looks like we will again be doing a spot treatment this year. Next spring we will need to raise more funding anticipating that we may have to do a full bay treatment. But it will have been three years since a full bay treatment so it appears that we are getting a good value for our treatment dollar.

I would also like to announce that I am retiring as Bay Captain because I am moving off of Carman Bay. It has been a very rewarding experience meeting and getting to know many of the wonderful residents on this bay. We have a great group on this bay and I'm sure you will continue to take good care of this beautiful resource. Kevin Kennefick and Mary Tucker will still be available to volunteer but we are putting out a notice that if anyone wants to take over the duties of the Bay Captain that position is open. Unless someone steps up to run the www.carmanbay.org website I think that it may end up being taken down. Someone with extensive IT experience and familiarity with managing Joomla Open Source software would be needed to continue maintaining the website. The database of Carman Bay residents will be available for communication & fundraising in Microsoft Outlook or Excel formats. If anyone is interested in the Bay Captain position or volunteering please contact me & I will get you up to speed.


Thomas Lowe


Donation Notes

  • When doing a full bay treatment if every resident on the bay donated equally we would need roughly $320 per lot. This year the cost was only $167 per lot (we only treated 46 acres). Unfortunately only 46 of 109 Carman Bay lakeshore owners donated, averaging out to nearly $400 per donation. Unfortunately 40% to 60% (depending on the year) of our lake shore residents are benefiting from the treatment while donating nothing at all. This is causing an unfair burden on the residents that are donating. To reach our goal each year many residents have had to donate much more than their share, with some donating as high as $2,000 in past years. Some residents who donate every year have very little milfoil in front of their own house but they donate for the common good. If you have not contributed in the past, please consider donating this year and every year, to ensure the success of this program for many years to come. We really need everyone to participate this year.
  • Please send Donations & Make Checks out to: Lake Minnetonka Association (LMA)
    PO BOX 248
    Excelsior, MN 55331
    Please designate "Carman Bay Milfoil Treatment" in the memo line. Donations to the LMA are 100% tax deductible
  • Please send us your email address!! If you are not receiving Carman Bay updates via e-mail please consider sending an e-mail and/or your phone number to one of the volunteers listed on the Contacts page. Communicating via regular mail is expensive, time-consuming, and slow. E-mail is our most effective way to communicate, send us your email today!

Also, please visit the photo gallery section for comparison photos showing how beautiful our bay looks after successful milfoil treatments. The photos demonstrate the huge difference when comparing an untreated bay to a treated bay.

Feel free to contact any of the volunteers listed on the Contacts page via email or phone if you have questions concerning this year's treatment. As always the volunteers are grateful for your support in the past & hope we can count on your continued participation in the future.

We are now collecting donations for the 2014 campaign.  You can donate here online or send in a check to the Lake Minnetonka Association. The Lake Minnetonka Association is a 501(3)c organization and your donation is tax deductible.

LMA Address:

Lake Minnetonka Association
PO BOX 248
Excelsior, MN 55331
Please note "Carman Bay Milfoil Treatment" in memo line.

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