There continues to be confusion regarding the native weed Coontail on Carman Bay. Coontail is NOT Milfoil! Please review the photos below which make it very easy to tell difference between Coontail & Milfoil. When viewed side by side the difference is quite clear. This is a floating weed that does not have a root system. It is mostly confined to lagoons & coves but also seems to be in evidence along the NW shores of Carman Bay. Please remember that the Milfoil treatment program is under strict guidance to do no harm to native plants. If the DNR determines that native species are being harmed by the milfoil treatment, we would have to scale back the milfoil treatment of Carman Bay.

The treatment over the last two years has been a huge success. We have killed off 95 acres of milfoil while causing little or no harm to native plant species. The recreational & aesthetic value of our bay has been greatly enhanced. Kayaking, canoeing, fishing, waterskiing, sailing, tubing, swimming, or just cruising leisurely in your boat, can be done effortlessly in areas that previously had been so infested with milfoil, some were barely navigable.

To put 95 acres in perspective.  With 108 lots on Carman Bay we had nearly 1 acre of milfoil for every lot on Carman Bay. 95 acres equals 72.2 football fields or 4,138,200 square feet of milfoil. That's a lot of milfoil!

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