2011 Application Details

  • All participating residents on the bay who have offered an email address to us will be sent an email the day of treatment.
  • All residents who have signed consent forms will have their property posted the day of treatment.
  • The treatment is done with Triclopyr in a granular form.
  • Ther will be no temperature window this year, allowing the applicator to choose timing, giving us a better treatment.
  • At depths <6' the bay will be treated at 0.75ppm (parts per million) with Triclopyr.
  • At depths >6' the bay will be treated at 1.5ppm (parts per million) with Triclopyr.
  • This will give us a treatment that is 100% more potent than in 2010,  in the deeper areas.
  • The bay will be treated wherever there is milfoil, as close to shoreline as possible (at consented property).
  • The posting will mention an irrigation restriction for 120 days. The 120 day period is only used if the water is not tested. Carman Bay water will be tested weekly and the irrigation restriction will likely last 2 - 3 weeks at the very most.
  • Carman Bay Treatment Map

Will there be irrigation restrictions?

  • Yes. In 2011 we will will again be using Triclopyr. There will be an irrigation restriction for newly seeded lawns and ornamental plants for up to 5 weeks. This basically means all broadleaf plants including shrubbery. The experience in Grays & Phelps Bay in 2009-2010 has been that you can safely use lake water for irrigation after 2 - 3 weeks, although technically the all clear may not be issued for 5 weeks. The water will be tested every week until an all clear is issued. Established grass has no restrictions. If you want to try watering broadleaf plants before the ban is lifted you can do so at your own risk. Please call Tom Lowe for further discussion in this regard. Edible plants will not be harmful to humans, the problem is the plants may be injured by the herbicide.

How will I know when the irrigation restriction is lifted?

  • The posted signs will be removed from your property.
  • You will receive an email notification.

How much does the treatment cost?

  • The project estimate with fees, permits & expenses is estimated to cost $54,296. We receive $15,500.00 from a DNR grant that LMA applies for on our behalf, and $10k from the LMCD - Save The Lake Fund.
  • We have a carryover of $10,000 from 2010. This carryover is due to the DNR restricting our application rate at the last minute (reducing costs) and the City of Orono donating  $3,000 at the last minute also.
  • When all the income, carryover, & expenses are added up we estimate that we will need to raise $20,000 in 2011.